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Amazing Experience

Honestly everything about this aAcademy was amazing especially Master Maryam She was beyond amazing she Got right to the point.


Delivers the best

I took the Bold Brows Perfection Training and it was truly an amazing experience. I have already highly recommended it to other artists to take it from Maryam. Her standards are very high for herself and her students, but she also is very supportive and helps you to get their and goes above the basic principals to show you how to succeed. The training exceeded my expectations of what I thought I would learn in one day and found it so useful!!!

Sarah Aubert
BOSS beauty by Sarah Aubert


THANK YOU !!!! SOOOOO MUCH FOR AN ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING RESULT!!!! Also HUGE thank you for your generosity!! I am very grateful to have crossed paths with Maryam and her team. Besides the physical change that makes a huge positive impact, I am equally grateful to know that there are genuine good people;e in the world and I am lucky to have had the experience.

Eric Cardillo

Incredible END result!

Incredible end result! What a generous act of kindness. The amount of confidence you create for someone is remarkable. So happy for my husband to have taken this step with Maryam! Thank You!

Angela Cardillo
Fiscalleti Allure Hair

Absolutely loved

Amazing service!! i love my eyebrows, after my first touchup I noticed the difference it made!
my eyebrows looook soo natural!! i cant thank Maryam enough!!♥️

canada lashes

Great Experience

I was very satisfied with their services , they are very friendly and all the assistance was so helpful,
I recommend this Salon to all my friends

Haniyeh Nikouinejad

I Absolutely LOVE Maryam, She did SUCH AN AMAZING JOB

I’ve always had thin eyebrows, they never had shape and I’d spent hours drawing them in every morning! I’m sooo happy that I finally got my brows microbladed!! Maryam is absolutely lovely and veryy amazing at what she does! 100% would recommend!!!


I can’t believe my eyes!!

Dear Maryam, thank you so muchhh for your amazing work! I haven’t had eyebrows for the past 3 years and now I have them thanks to you!


Soooo excited!!

Maryamm jan I’m in love with your work, I can’t wait for you to come to to Vancouver for the Basic Training!! I’m gonna register from now!!!



the perfection training really changes the quality of your work, I’ve been a phibrows artist for the past year and I wish I’d taken the course sooner!!!
thank you Maryam for all your hard work, please set a date for your phicontour training, i would like to learn eyeliner by you as well!

PhiBrows Lily

Thanks for your great services

Thanks for your great services
You guys are amazing, I am definitely recommending Diva Brows to all my friends!!

Sayna p


The salon is so beautiful Maryam, you’ve done it again! always providing over-the top quality! I love the place and the services, I’m going to recommend your salon to all of my clients!!!

Diva Brows is the best
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