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About PhiLaser:

PhiLaser Machine is developed by PhiAcademy and it belongs to the latest generation of Q-switch lasers. As a multi-functional device, PhiLaser has found its place in the beauty industry. We have recognized the potential and developed the machine specialized for 4 types of treatments:

• Hyperpigmentation removal
• PMU removal
• Tattoo removal
• Carbon peeling treatments

How it works:

Laser represents a multifunctional device that emits light through the process of optical amplification based on stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. Removing a tattoo with a laser requires an in-office procedure using a Q-switch laser, which breaks up pigment within the skin. The procedure is dependent on the body’s immune and lymphatic systems, which absorb the pigment molecules and removes them from our body. To initiate this process, lasers target the colors in the pigment.

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