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February 28, 2019
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Perfection Bold Brows Training – Online



Perfection Bold Brows Training – Online Course Details

PhiBrows Master: Maryam Ehtesabi

Perfection Bold Brows Training is an advanced online course with Master Maryam Ehtesabi of Phi Academy. Once you complete this trainings, you will gain the skill requirements of the BoldBrows microblading method perfected by Branko Babic & will receive your Personalized Bold Brows Logo. 



    • Finance your Training $

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You can now register for the ONLINE training program and attend the IN-PERSON training (when we set the date in the future) by paying the difference between the two courses.

Online: $1,600 + HST = $1,808

In Person: $2,000 + HST = $2,260

Difference: $452

Training Duration:

  • Unlimited during the COVID-19 Lockdown
  • Price: $1,600 +HST => $1,808
  • Payment options: Credit, Cash or PayPal
    • PayPal to: ​


  • Bold Brows Kit
  • 3 Months Craftmaster Online Support
  • Certificates:
    • PhiBrows Artist Certificate
      • Received after the student passes 7 levels on CraftMaster (Online Submission)

Course Overview:

    • Introduction
    • Golden Ratio & Eyebrow Shaping
    • Starter Kit
    • Colour Theory
    • Bold Brows Pattern Variations
    • Work on live models
    • Correction & Touchup
    • Post Care Treatment
    • Healed Results
    • Levels 1-7

Bold Brows Perfection Kit

  • 4 x Diposable Tool
  • 1 x Skin Candy 50pcs
  • 1 x PhiBrows Higi Mask
  • 1 x Latex Blank (3pcs)
  • 1 x Phi Wipes Block Tonic (20/1)
  • 1 x PhiWipes (20pcs)
  • 1 x Self adhesive pigment container (50pcs)
  • 1 x PhiBrows Pencil Set

About Bold Brows

The idea of this pattern is to create a hyper realistic look guided by the natural direction of the hairs and to give the eyebrows a volume-shaped look.

Initially, the inspiration was found in the trend of “fluffy” eyebrows and then, through perfecting, it became a pattern adapted for all types. Strokes are different from classic ones because of the moves that are formed in curved and twisted hairs in combination with mini strokes that actually make that volumizing effect.

It is not necessary to add short strokes if it is considered that the skin type is not suitable for this (extreme oily or thin and fragile skin). Even if the client does not want an extremely dense look, mini strokes can always be added at the end as demonstrated in one of the videos from the Craft Master application. More than 10 different examples for a simulation exercise with different head strokes and spine directions have been provided.

Video with demonstration on live models shows and educates how to properly hold the tool and place the blade on the skin to make it easier to move. Then, step by step, adding the strokes from the longest to the shortest, the tricks of filling and extending strokes to reach the perfect shape, tips for pressure and more.

When to use this procedure?

  • When people want a volumizing and more effective look (extreme bold)
  • People who prefer a more natural look (soft bold).

Bold Brows Advantages?

  • Eyebrows with volume-shaped look
  • Different strokes from classic ones
  • Videos with demonstration on live models

About PHI Academy 

Th​e PhiAcademy creates beauty through golden intersection proportions (phi -1.618). Perfection is found in the golden intersection between two extremes. With respect to the modern lifestyle, PhiAcademy Courses are designed in such a way to save precious time and provide maximum surveillance and maximum available information at a time. Everything can be learned easily because the material is divided into small portions that are taught separately.

~~ If you’re interested in EXPANDING your PHI skills, Diva Brows offers the following Advanced Courses ~~

  • PhiBrows Basic Training — PhiBrows Master Maryam Ehtesabi
    • Techniques:
      • Eyebrow – Microblading
  • PhiContour Basic Training — PhiContour Master Maryam Ehtesabi
    • Techniques:
      • Eyeliner – Shading
      • Lip – Shading
      • Lipliner – Shading
  • PhiScalp Basic Training — PhiScalp Master Elham Hashemnejad
    • Techniques:
      • Scalp Micro-pigmentation Technique

Note: If you do not have any prior “basic course” certifications from the Phi Academy, you will not become a member of our Academy by taking this course alone. Only when you are an official member of The PhiAcademy, you have the opportunity to grow and progress through attaining different LEVELS of certification:

  • Artist 
    • Attained after successfully passing all 11 requirement levels on CraftMaster Application
  • Royal Artist
    • Attained after working as a PhiBrows Artist for at least 6 months, if you excel as an Artist and your work is approved by your Master, then you can request to become a PhiBrows Royal Artist by sending 5 pictures of your best work to your Master.
  • Master Assistant
    • Attained after working as a PhiBrows Royal Artist for at least 6 months, you must participate in monitoring PhiBrows Artists and help them at least 10 times in order to gain your PhiBrows Monitoring Certificate 
    • Master Assistant is an active and experienced Royal artist who assists Craft Masters in their trainings.
    • Attained after creating your Master Video (requirements given by Academy)
    • Master Assistants can become Craft Masters depending on their country of residence and whether there is already a sufficient number of Craft Masters there if he/she gets chosen by the Academy based on predetermined criteria.
  • Grand Master 
    • Attained after being a Craft Master for more than a year and having taught a 100 certified students within one year

|| Diva Brows Beauty Salon & Academy || 10720-104 Yonge St., Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3C9 ||

Offers the following support-services to all of Maryam’s Students:

  • PhiShop Available <– PHI Exclusive
    • Purchase the newest pigments/tools from the PhiAcademy through Diva Brows’ PhiShop
    • Training-day NO TAX purchases available to Students on the day of the training only
  • Insurance
    • We will share our Insurance Company Information with you
  • Social Media Marketing Tips
    • We will help you set-up your instagram business account & will provide you tips that will boost your traffic
    • Tips on Google Ads and Google Business
  • Equipment Recommendations
    • We can recommend the items we use on a daily basis such as professional lighting/ work beds/ etc. << To help you start
  • Client Consent Form Sample
    • We have a custom-consent form for Master Maryam, we will send this docx once you graduate & become an Artist
  • Client After-Care Form
    • We have a custom-AfterCare form for Master Maryam, we will send this docx once you graduate & become an Artist
  • Guidance Appointments
    • Book an appointment to shadow Maryam’s work
    • Book an appointment for consultations or questions you may have
    • Book an appointment or Call whenever you NEED help

Once you become a part of our PHI Family, Master Maryam & her Team will always do their BEST to provide you with utmost Care & Support


For Online courses, we offer a full refund of your money if you change your mind BEFORE we make the content of the online course available for you on CraftMaster. Please note that once you purchase the course in full payment, receive your kit, and have access to the online resources on CraftMaster, you are no longer eligible for a refund. This applies to both our Online & In-person training programs.

For In-person courses, you will be eligible for a partial refund if and ONLY if you have not attended any of the 2 or 3 days of training. The partial refund includes half of the total payment for the course. When you register for the course, you pay a deposit of half of the total of the course to reserve your spot and kit, this amount is non-refundable!

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