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Irrespective of the situation of things occurring in the world today, you still have no reason for not pursuing your career in Microblading anywhere in the world. The internet has made learning easier, more comfortable and accessible. It comes with many advantages such that you can pursue a course, learn and get certified from the comfort of your home.

While learning a course offline, there is a number of days fixed for the training, and after those number of days, the training ends. If you missed a day of the training, you might not be able to recover the knowledge. However, taking online courses, you can pause to participate in other activities, you can record and fall back to it later, or you can even decide to replay the course many times you want till you gain mastery.

BoldBrows online training is a highly recommended online course where you can learn everything you need to about eyebrow Microblading. Using unique Microblading techniques, well-detailed course materials, high-quality tools and experienced trainers, it is a huge opportunity for individual chasing to become the best in Microblading.

Many people are fond of giving excuses when it comes to pursuing their careers and standing out in their field. BoldBrows online training is at your doorsteps, so you have no excuse whatsoever to not be among the best in permanent makeup. When it comes to permanent makeup (in this case, Microblading), it takes more than mere shaping and colouring. It is an artistic skill that requires extreme care, caution and expertise.

Easily you can start from the simplest and basic education in eyebrow Microblading or micro-pigmentation in general. To start a business in the permanent makeup as a microblader, it is not only about having the skill. You need to learn about other important aspects of the business, which you will learn in BoldBrows Basic online training.

What is BoldBrows?

BoldBrows is an international learning source brought to you by Phi Academy, an institute that specializes in grooming individuals in permanent makeup. BoldBrows is a brand under Phi Academy which organizes premium courses in eyebrow Microblading and other related courses. If you are looking for a reliable institute to further your makeup career, try BoldBrows. They are reputable in delivering the best learning experience, course outline and curriculum.
Many Microbladers certified by BoldBrows are enjoying the benefits to date. This is because everything about them is unique from their tools, working techniques and handling. With many expert artists and makeup specialists on the ground in almost every continent in the world, BoldBrows will do anything to ensure that you get the best education in Microblading. And now, learning under BoldBrows has been made easier.

Aside from in-person training, you can learn online using their special application designed to assist your struggle for knowledge. The BoldBrows online training is designed for both males and females since there is no law ruling out any sex from pursuing a career in permanent makeup. BoldBrows online course was designed for both beginners (those who are interested in learning eyebrow permanent makeup) and experienced individuals (those already into permanent makeup but want to diversify into other aspects).
If you are looking for a lucrative niche to pursue a career in fashion, learn eyebrow permanent makeup from BoldBrows, get certified and start bagging in 6-figures per year.

Course Overview

We all understand how difficult to learn a skill when bombarded with a lot of information at once. BoldBrows understands that with their students’ interest in mind, providing well-detailed online Microblading starting from the basics. The online course includes a full range of instructions and resources alongside six months of supervision and online support.

As a beginner in eyebrow permanent makeup, you have nothing to worry about because everything will be taught from scratch. The beginner course is accompanied by a number of important tools, which include BoldBrows Premium Microblading Kit, Craft Master App, Well-detailed Lectures, Visual resources including pictures, videos, and guides.

Many people are of the opinion that enrolling for an online class cannot be as authentic and rewarding as enrolling for a live class. Well, BoldBrows makes sure that the online class isn’t any different from the live class. As a matter of fact, BoldBrows online course contains more practical sessions for adequate mastery overtime. The fascinating thing about BoldBrows online training is that all classes are designed to follow a unique standard. So, irrespective of wherever you are enrolling for the course, the standard remains the same.

Craft master online support Details

On completion of the six months of online training, the qualified student will be awarded a BoldBrows Microblading certification, including other benefits which include:

  • The student will be included under BoldBrows international network.
  • The student becomes a certified BoldBrows artist.
  • The student will be entitled to work under the brand name.

While using the Phi online app called Craft Master, the student is expected to pass through about eleven (11) levels, which consist of everything you need to know about eyebrow permanent makeup. While in the course of training, here are a few things you will learn:

  • Unique BoldBrows eyebrow makeup techniques
  • The best ways to measure eyebrows via the Craft Master App?
  • The rudiments of eyebrow shaping
  • Calculating symmetry and its usefulness in Microblading
  • The best use of equipment and handling.
  • The importance of sanitation and how-to
  • Working with skin problems and many more.

What are BoldBrows Kits and How It’s Being Delivered?

Every skill requires some set of tools for proper handling and improved work rate. BoldBrows has a particular set of tools recommended to handle eyebrow Microblading. This is what you will use during BoldBrows training. After registering for the online eyebrow Microblading training, you will need some recommended tools to carry on with the course.

Some of the tools you will need include:

  • Blade and Shade Disposable Tool 30pcs
  • Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kits
  • PhiGlow Holder
  • BB Compass
  • Scissors and Tweezers
  • PhiMirror
  • PhiToBe Sunglasses
  • PhiBrows Drawing Pencil Set 2pcs
  • PhiBrows Golden Brown SUPE Pigment 5mL
  • PhiBrows Pigment (Brown 1,2 & 3 SUPE Pigment 5mL)
  • PhiBrows Pigment (Fox, Black, & Red SUPE Pigment 5Ml)
  • PhiBrows Yellow SUPE Pigment 5mL1x

BoldBrows Artist Road Map

In order to reach your destination, you have to pass through some roads. You could also pass the wrong route without the right road map. Those familiar with hiking and expeditions will understand the meaning of road maps better. As regards BoldBrows training, the primary goal is to become a certified BoldBrows artist, start a career in eyebrow permanent makeup and improve one’s income yearly. However, before you achieve these stated goals, you need to pass through some steps; the road map.

After enrolling for the BoldBrows online course, you are taken through some training: theory and practical sessions. This is followed by online support and monitoring for six months, passing through about 11 levels of training. After you have successfully completed every training level, you will be certificated as a BoldBrows artist alongside other incredible benefits.

As a BoldBrows artist, you are licensed to train other individuals like you under the Phi brand. It is also an opportunity to expand your business using a reputable institution as a reference. Phi will also recommend individuals in need of eyebrow Microblading services in your area to your brand.

As a BoldBrows artist, you have the opportunity to take up other courses or improve in rank to become a royal artist, master assistant, craft master, and grandmaster.

BoldBrows Training FAQ

Q1: Who is eligible to attend the online BoldBrows training?

A1: Anyone can apply to enroll for the course as long as you are willing to learn and become a certified microblader. Whether male or female, old or young, you are welcomed to join the program.

Q2: How much do eyebrow permanent makeup cost?

A2: Generally, BoldBrows training comes in two ways- live and online training. The online training costs about $X.

Q3: Is there any financing option for the training?

A3: BoldBrows allows a financial option for the training using PayPal credit.

Why Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Training in Divabrows?

We are a reputable subset of BoldBrows in the business of providing assistance through training to individuals looking to begin a career in eyebrow Microblading. Our workshops are designed and scheduled to help rising entrepreneurs in the permanent makeup niche to learn the best techniques with their highly professional and experienced instructors, unique tools and premium course outline.
We support our students with many perks, including highly accessible PhiShop, where you can purchase the best tools, BoldBrows pigments and many important materials necessary for Microblading after the course. We do not only teach our students about the rudiments of Microblading alone; we also enlighten them on social media marketing, including how to advertise their makeup services using social media and its tools.
We are a reliable brand established to groom entrepreneurs and cook them up with the necessary Microblading skills.

Finance Your Training

To get what you want you have to do the needful.” That’s my favourite quote because to achieve any goal in life; you have to pass through the right part- Grooming. Microblading is one of the popular and top-paying skills in the world right now. For each eyebrow Microblading appointment, it costs between $800 and $1,500 depending on the location and permanent makeup artist. Learning from the best is only an investment that will pay off in the long run.

One of the many reasons why BoldBrows is an excellent learning institute for eyebrow permanent makeup is because they allow the option of paying in parts. They are a considerate brand whose sole goal is to assist young and determined entrepreneurs to grow in their permanent makeup career. BoldBrows online training is an excellent choice for people who already have jobs but still want to learn to improve their career and earnings in general.

They understand that financing the training may be a little overwhelming to some sets of people; that’s why several measures have been laid down to ensure that everyone has a chance to learn. If you don’t have enough money to finance your Microblading classes, you can take out a loan using PayPal Credit. It is a loan you can pay back in instalment based on an agreement. It is available for both offline and online Microblading classes. However, this loan option is only available for people ready to pay the full payment for the course.

Step one: Download Craft Master Mobile app

The registration stage isn’t complicated. It is easy and straightforward. Simply fill out the form provided with your correct details and conclude the registration. After you have successfully completed the registration, the next thing is to download an app called CRAFT MASTER, which is supported by every type of mobile device include iOS, tablet, and android.

Download from App store
Get it on google play

Step one: Download Craft Master Mobile app

The registration stage isn’t complicated. It is easy and straightforward. Simply fill out the form provided with your correct details and conclude the registration. After you have successfully completed the registration, the next thing is to download an app called CRAFT MASTER, which is supported by every type of mobile device include iOS, tablet, and android.

Step Two: Activate

After you must have downloaded the app, you will need to activate it. You cannot do that yourself. Enter the email address used for registration, and we will activate your account.

Step three: Start

After activation of the craft master app, you are ready to start learning. You will also receive a premium kit using the mail address you registered. Start learning to become a BoldBrows artist.

Boldbrows Basic Training – Online Course

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