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In permanent makeup, there are varying shading styles, with ombre powder being the most popular style. Over the years, shading style, over the years, has evolved to ombre brows due to its soft finish and excellent healed results. The upsurge in demand for this style makes powder brows training essential and economically viable for all. The powder brows training positions you to aggregate the need of the world for this shading technique. Ombre powder brows online training allows leveraging on the world’s trends at your convenience and subsequently making money from your passion.

Trainers with in-depth knowledge facilitate this ombre powder brows training. They go detailed about the process using illustrations, pictorial, and visual examples to communicate the experience. As a self-improvement course, the training affords flexibility, no fixed-time requirements, allowing you to work around your schedule. About 5,000 people worldwide have benefited from this powder brows training, and you would be doing yourself a world of good partaking in it.

In creating the ombre powder brows effect, a handheld makeup machine can place tiny dots of tint into the skin. This process creates a pitch effect on the eyebrow, looking completely natural and beautiful. Through this powder brows training, you can take your technique to the next level and learn how to create these beautiful powdery ombre brows.

This ombre powder brows training is exceptional because it is a step by step guide; covering from the latex to the full treatment. It contains practical exercises and tailor-made animation to ensure that essential knowledge is impacting. Also, we have do-it-yourself case studies that test the knowledge acquired and assisted in ascertaining the training’s objective. To cap it all, you will have certification for your gained knowledge. This certificate you can share with your network to tell that you are a master in the field.

What is Ombre Shading Eyebrows?

Ombre shading eyebrows are the newest shading technique in makeup, making online powder brow training essential. The powdered brows, they are a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique; that is soft, misty, powder-filled brow similar to makeup. Unlike micro-blading, these brows are typically done with a makeup machine and usually stay longer with more retention. First developed in Asia, this unique technique has been around for decades and gives great depth to the eyebrows.

It is particularly recommendable for women with oily skin or anyone who regularly fills in their brows with pencil or shadow. It is imperative to get proper permanent makeup ombre online powder brow training when performing this procedure.

Course Overview

The course focuses on what online powder brows artists would benefit from taking it. It is structure into two parts; Theory and Practical.

In the theoretical part, the online powder brows artists will find different chapters of ombre brows course as Techniques of Permanent Makeup, Makeup Machines, Needles, Anatomy, Physiology, Hygiene, Safety and Sanitation, Anesthesia, Color Science and Pigmentology, Client Consultation Process, Customer Acquisition, and Managing Expectation.

 After each of these, the online powder brows artists would be required to take and pass a test before you could proceed to the next one. Upon successful completion of the Theory Part, you would move to the Practise part.

Craft master online support Details

In the practical part, you would have different levels as;

• Practicing shading and blending on paper
• Practicing distribution of shading
• Practicing full eyebrows on paper
• Eyebrows shape on client
• Ombre brows treatment

The online powder brows artists will be able to contact your trainer for hands-on assistance. At the end of each level, you will be given an assignment that you would have to upload and have your trainer approve before moving to the next level. Should your works not be perfect, your trainer will give you some pieces of advice for improvement.

After the course, you will receive certificates for ombre brows International certification.

PowderBrows Artist Road Map

In order to reach your destination, you have to pass through some roads. You could also pass the wrong route without the right road map. Those familiar with hiking and expeditions will understand the meaning of road maps better. As regards PowderBrows training, the primary goal is to become a certified PowderBrows artist, start a career in eyebrow permanent makeup and improve one’s income yearly. However, before you achieve these stated goals, you need to pass through some steps; the road map.

After enrolling for the PowderBrows online course, you are taken through some training: theory and practical sessions. This is followed by online support and monitoring for six months, passing through about 11 levels of training. After you have successfully completed every training level, you will be certificated as a PowderBrows artist alongside other incredible benefits.

As a PowderBrows artist, you are licensed to train other individuals like you under the Phi brand. It is also an opportunity to expand your business using a reputable institution as a reference. Phi will also recommend individuals in need of eyebrow Microblading services in your area to your brand.

As a PowderBrows artist, you have the opportunity to take up other courses or improve in rank to become a royal artist, master assistant, craft master, and grandmaster.

PowderBrows Training FAQ

Question: When can I start attending to clients?

Answer: Once you have completed your training and your trainer has certified you, you can start attending to clients.

Question: Is the certificate globally relevant and recognized?

Answer: Phi-Academy courses and certifications are globally recognized. The Manual Microblading and Machine Shading, however, supply you with a globally recognized PhiBrows Certificate.

Question: Q: What payment methods do you accept? Is it government funded?

Answer: Phi-Academy accepts direct bank transfers, VISA, Farmers Finance Card, and Gem Visa. We can also allow you to pay an installment agreement; however, the course costs will be paid before commencement.  We also accept Q-card, which offers three months interest-free. Please note, credit card payments incur a 2.9% surcharge and American Express a 4% surcharge.

Q: Do you come and train on-site?

Answer: Yes, we do!  We now offer on-site exclusive group training for groups of 3+ in (city) and 5+ in (location). One-on-one training is also available in Whangarei or Auckland at your facility or ours.

Q: Is there any regulation or legislation for Cosmetic Tattooing?

There are local government regulations to uphold and adhere to. You should contact your local agency in your region for up-to-date information.

Why PowderBrows Training in Divabrows?

We are a reputable subset of PowderBrows in the business of providing assistance through training to individuals looking to begin a career in eyebrow Microblading. Our workshops are designed and scheduled to help rising entrepreneurs in the permanent makeup niche to learn the best techniques with their highly professional and experienced instructors, unique tools and premium course outline.
We support our students with many perks, including highly accessible PhiShop, where you can purchase the best tools, PowderBrows pigments and many important materials necessary for Microblading after the course. We do not only teach our students about the rudiments of Microblading alone; we also enlighten them on social media marketing, including how to advertise their makeup services using social media and its tools.
We are a reliable brand established to groom entrepreneurs and cook them up with the necessary Microblading skills.

Finance Your Training

To get what you want you have to do the needful.” That’s my favourite quote because to achieve any goal in life; you have to pass through the right part- Grooming. Microblading is one of the popular and top-paying skills in the world right now. For each eyebrow Microblading appointment, it costs between $800 and $1,500 depending on the location and permanent makeup artist. Learning from the best is only an investment that will pay off in the long run.

One of the many reasons why PowderBrows is an excellent learning institute for eyebrow permanent makeup is because they allow the option of paying in parts. They are a considerate brand whose sole goal is to assist young and determined entrepreneurs to grow in their permanent makeup career. PowderBrows online training is an excellent choice for people who already have jobs but still want to learn to improve their career and earnings in general.

They understand that financing the training may be a little overwhelming to some sets of people; that’s why several measures have been laid down to ensure that everyone has a chance to learn. If you don’t have enough money to finance your Microblading classes, you can take out a loan using PayPal Credit. It is a loan you can pay back in instalment based on an agreement. It is available for both offline and online Microblading classes. However, this loan option is only available for people ready to pay the full payment for the course.

Step one: Download Craft Master Mobile app

The registration stage isn’t complicated. It is easy and straightforward. Simply fill out the form provided with your correct details and conclude the registration. After you have successfully completed the registration, the next thing is to download an app called CRAFT MASTER, which is supported by every type of mobile device include iOS, tablet, and android.

Step one: Download Craft Master Mobile app

The registration stage isn’t complicated. It is easy and straightforward. Simply fill out the form provided with your correct details and conclude the registration. After you have successfully completed the registration, the next thing is to download an app called CRAFT MASTER, which is supported by every type of mobile device include iOS, tablet, and android.

Step Two: Activate

After you must have downloaded the app, you will need to activate it. You cannot do that yourself. Enter the email address used for registration, and we will activate your account.

Step three: Start

After activation of the craft master app, you are ready to start learning. You will also receive a premium kit using the mail address you registered. Start learning to become a PowderBrows artist.

Powder Brows Basic Training – Online Course

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