BoldBrows Perfection Online Course

BoldBrows perfection online training

The BoldBrows online training is meant to help makeup artists with the necessary skills needed to rise in the artistry world. Micro-blading experience is essential in this online training. The course is made available with free mentorship of 3 months, access to online videos and lectures, and other things to enhance your skills in the micro-blading industry.

Philbrows BoldBrows training is meant for those with previous experience of makeup artistry and can be somehow challenging for those who do not have previous experience. The BoldBrows BoldBrows training will keep you ahead of your competitors and develop your skills to an advanced level. The BoldBrows bold training entails;

  • Carving an advanced BoldBrows pattern which gives clients a fuller look
  • Proper caring for advanced precise strokes to achieve excellent healed results
  • Blending the hair existing before on the face with bold brow strokes creating a perfect transition
  • Creating natural and bushy looking brows
  • Making use of BoldBrows to give the face a relational likeness with a slightly liberated edge
  • Re-creating patterns on live skin and engage the skin for maximum effect
  • Carve perfect shaped BoldBrows for advanced pattern results
  • Access to mentorships from professionals involving daily communications and feedbacks, corrections, tips, and more.
  • You get several lectures on depth and theory with skin, sanitation, skincare, and much more.
  • An opportunity to take a business expert course which will help you grow your business
  • Trainees receive a BoldBrows training kit, including equipment like pencils, aftercare, blades, cleanser, and more!

The brain behind the drawing pattern evolves from observing the natural hair growth and its direction combined with the fact that the hairs are twisted. Eyebrows are drawn so that the final result and brows drawn look bushy and fuller. This technique gains traction quickly, and BoldBrows became popular and mostly found in the modelling world.

What is Perfection BoldBrows?

BoldBrows are done by following the hair’s natural direction on the eyebrow region and shaping it to give it a fuller look. The fluffy eyebrows inspire this trend and then became perfect BoldBrows when neatly shaped and curved. BoldBrows bold training helps trainees perfect their BoldBrows skills so that they can draw the strokes on the eyebrow skin to make carving easy and add strokes to it step by step from the longest part to the shortest part. The Perfection BoldBrows training is for students experienced in microblading and is interested in learning other drawing eyebrows.

The BoldBrows bold training is an added advantage as it will help them attract more clients and upgrade their work because the new pattern they will learn is different from the usual ones they are used to. Anyone that must take this course must have undergone the necessary training at phiAcademy or other professional academies. The basic knowledge of BoldBrows training will hasten vast learning and understanding of the Perfection BoldBrows training. Supports for trainees are provided after the BoldBrows bold training and followed by a craft master class of about three months in which students learn the main course about BoldBrows.

Course Overview

Perfection BoldBrows training is done explicitly for interested persons who want to advance knowledge on BoldBrows and take it as a skill after obtaining the course certification. This training will help students discover the art of microblading and learn new BoldBrows variation patterns. Part of what the training will offer you are;

  • Premium offer on Perfection BoldBrows training
  • BoldBrows kit
  • Opportunity to access the application for Craft Master
  • Access to classes
  • You will be given access to other resources like photos and videos.
  • Three months of continuous support
Craft master online support Details

The training entails gaining more knowledge on how to flawlessly draw eyebrows for people and apply the right treatment at the right time. The theory aspect of this training will emphasize the skin, most especially skin problems, pigments, shape, patterns, care, after treatment, symmetry, etc.
The practical aspect will be done on live models on the second day, while skin simulation will be performed on the first day. In practicing with live models, you will be required to fill the strokes after the master artist has drawn the strokes. These strokes aid students to prevent making mistakes since they are only doing the filling part, and it will give them boldness and more insight into how to work on real skin. After these two days of’ extensive classes, the students stay in touch with the academy through their Craft Master application.


This part is where the students upload their works, and they are being passed from one level to another before they are given certificates. Students are given certificates after they passed all levels. The training lasts for about three to four-month of practicing before they are finally certified.
Students are also given an outstanding free course title skin expert after registering for the Perfection BoldBrows training. This unique course offers additional knowledge of dermatology and other skin issues.

Perfection BoldBrows Artist Road Map

In order to reach your destination, you have to pass through some roads. You could also pass the wrong route without the right road map. Those familiar with hiking and expeditions will understand the meaning of road maps better. As regards Perfection BoldBrows training, the primary goal is to become a certified Perfection BoldBrows artist, start a career in eyebrow permanent makeup and improve one’s income yearly. However, before you achieve these stated goals, you need to pass through some steps; the road map.

After enrolling for the Perfection BoldBrows online course, you are taken through some training: theory and practical sessions. This is followed by online support and monitoring for six months, passing through about 11 levels of training. After you have successfully completed every training level, you will be certificated as a Perfection BoldBrows artist alongside other incredible benefits.

As a Perfection BoldBrows artist, you are licensed to train other individuals like you under the Phi brand. It is also an opportunity to expand your business using a reputable institution as a reference. Phi will also recommend individuals in need of eyebrow Microblading services in your area to your brand.

As a Perfection BoldBrows artist, you have the opportunity to take up other courses or improve in rank to become a royal artist, master assistant, craft master, and grandmaster.

Perfection BoldBrows Training FAQ

Question: When can I start attending to clients?

Answer: Once you have completed your training and your trainer has certified you, you can start attending to clients.

Question: Is the certificate globally relevant and recognized?

Answer: Phi-Academy courses and certifications are globally recognized. The Manual Microblading and Machine Shading, however, supply you with a globally recognized PhiBrows Certificate.

Question: Q: What payment methods do you accept? Is it government funded?

Answer: Phi-Academy accepts direct bank transfers, VISA, Farmers Finance Card, and Gem Visa. We can also allow you to pay an installment agreement; however, the course costs will be paid before commencement.  We also accept Q-card, which offers three months interest-free. Please note, credit card payments incur a 2.9% surcharge and American Express a 4% surcharge.

Q: Do you come and train on-site?

Answer: Yes, we do!  We now offer on-site exclusive group training for groups of 3+ in (city) and 5+ in (location). One-on-one training is also available in Whangarei or Auckland at your facility or ours.

Q: Is there any regulation or legislation for Cosmetic Tattooing?

There are local government regulations to uphold and adhere to. You should contact your local agency in your region for up-to-date information.

Why BoldBrows Perfection Training in Divabrows?

We are a reputable subset of Perfection BoldBrows in the business of providing assistance through training to individuals looking to begin a career in eyebrow Microblading. Our workshops are designed and scheduled to help rising entrepreneurs in the permanent makeup niche to learn the best techniques with their highly professional and experienced instructors, unique tools and premium course outline.
We support our students with many perks, including highly accessible PhiShop, where you can purchase the best tools, Perfection BoldBrows pigments and many important materials necessary for Microblading after the course. We do not only teach our students about the rudiments of Microblading alone; we also enlighten them on social media marketing, including how to advertise their makeup services using social media and its tools.
We are a reliable brand established to groom entrepreneurs and cook them up with the necessary Microblading skills.

Finance Your Training

To get what you want you have to do the needful.” That’s my favourite quote because to achieve any goal in life; you have to pass through the right part- Grooming. Microblading is one of the popular and top-paying skills in the world right now. For each eyebrow Microblading appointment, it costs between $800 and $1,500 depending on the location and permanent makeup artist. Learning from the best is only an investment that will pay off in the long run.

One of the many reasons why Perfection BoldBrows is an excellent learning institute for eyebrow permanent makeup is because they allow the option of paying in parts. They are a considerate brand whose sole goal is to assist young and determined entrepreneurs to grow in their permanent makeup career. Perfection BoldBrows online training is an excellent choice for people who already have jobs but still want to learn to improve their career and earnings in general.

They understand that financing the training may be a little overwhelming to some sets of people; that’s why several measures have been laid down to ensure that everyone has a chance to learn. If you don’t have enough money to finance your Microblading classes, you can take out a loan using PayPal Credit. It is a loan you can pay back in instalment based on an agreement. It is available for both offline and online Microblading classes. However, this loan option is only available for people ready to pay the full payment for the course.

Step one: Download Craft Master Mobile app

The registration stage isn’t complicated. It is easy and straightforward. Simply fill out the form provided with your correct details and conclude the registration. After you have successfully completed the registration, the next thing is to download an app called CRAFT MASTER, which is supported by every type of mobile device include iOS, tablet, and android.

Step one: Download Craft Master Mobile app

The registration stage isn’t complicated. It is easy and straightforward. Simply fill out the form provided with your correct details and conclude the registration. After you have successfully completed the registration, the next thing is to download an app called CRAFT MASTER, which is supported by every type of mobile device include iOS, tablet, and android.

Step Two: Activate

After you must have downloaded the app, you will need to activate it. You cannot do that yourself. Enter the email address used for registration, and we will activate your account.

Step three: Start

After activation of the craft master app, you are ready to start learning. You will also receive a premium kit using the mail address you registered. Start learning to become a Perfection BoldBrows artist.

Perfection Bold Brows Training – Online Course


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