Maryam Ehtesabi

Maryam Ehtesabi

Maryam has always had a passion for Art, especially for oil paintings ever since she was 4 years old. She would attend private art classes with the most famous painters at the time. She continued perfecting in various aspects of paintings all the way to high school. She had won many regional awards and got admitted into graphic design and visual arts program at the University of Arts, Tehran, Iran.
she graduated at the top of her class and received MAA with honors.

maryam ehtesabi

Having such a fruitful artistic background and knowledge of Phi Academy’s excellent reputation, she started learning BoldBrows training with Grand master Mensura Megy. She then quickly became an Artist in 2017, accomplished ROYAL ARTIST designation in 6 months and received her BoldBrows MASTER designation in APRIL 2018. She also was awarded the BOLDBROWS PERFECTION MASTER in October 2018.
Parallel to these designations, she has also become a PHICONTOUR artist, PHILASER TECHNECIAN, PHIREMOVAL artist and has perfected PHISHADING(PMU).

Nowadays, she performs procedures for a minimum of 4 clients per day as well as teaching BoldBrows BASIC TRAINING , PERFECTION BOLD BROWS, PowderBrows and PhiContour in Canada and abroad.

Maryam Ehtesabi craft master
Maryam Ehtesabi Craft Master
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