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Permanent Eyeliner

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What is Permanent Eyeliner?

Eyeliners come with a variety of shades, just like any beauty product. They can be soft or bold. But whatever hue they take, the overall effect is to enhance the face and looks of a person. Permanent eyeliners are enhancement tattoos for the lashes, which are used to fill in shades of colour on the lashes, thereby making it appear fuller, thicker and darker. Although it is known as permanent Eyeliner, it is really semi-permanent. This is because it is a kind of cosmetic tattoo that involves pigment implantation, and it is usually long-lasting.

Even though it has a tendency to fade over a long period of time, the length of time it actually stays on the eyelids depends on the brand of pigment used. For people who probably do not know how to get an eyeliner perfectly done or who are simply tired of having to do it every day, getting a permanent eyeliner comes as a welcome relief.

Eyeliner permanent
Eyeliner permanent

Permanent eyeliners may either be a tight line type, where the line of the lashes is filled with pigment to darken it. The effect is to create a more natural look with the thin application of Eyeliner. The other type of permanent Eyeliner involves applying the pigment above the line of the lashes.

The price range to have permanent Eyeliner done can range anywhere between $500 and $1500. A lot of people ask how safe the procedure is. The caution is to have permanent Eyeliner done by a professional, in order to save yourself the whole stress and complaints. It is important for you to also have it done with a professional who is certified to do it.

Permanent eyeliners are less invasive procedures that involve needles piercing a client’s skin in a bid to fill in pigments into the first layer of your skin along the line of the lashes. In addition to this, the element in figments used for cosmetic tattoos contains less metal than a conventional tattoo.

Who is the Right Candidate?

Permanent eyeliners are really fantastic for people who do not have allergies to cosmetic tattooing. Hence, the right candidates are people who have issues getting their eyeliners to last them the entire day. They are women who experience smudges, people who want it perfect, and people who love to look natural. The best candidates also include anyone who wants to enhance her look, someone whose job requirements prohibit makeup, and people who would love to simply take the worries of eyeliners’ application as a daily routine.

On the flip side, many persons are precluded from getting permanent Eyeliner. These include pregnant women and people with underlying health conditions such as diabetes, skin diseases, infections and irritations. Also, persons under the age of 18 would be required to be accompanied by their parents.

For persons who have defects, phicontour is a skill that comes in handy. The professional will use hygienic procedures and Eyeliner shades that match the client’s eyelashes’ natural colour.

Permanent Eyeliner Vs. Traditional Tattoo

Traditional tattoos have existed for much longer than modern cosmetic tattoos. Sometimes, when people have traditional tattoos, they may decide that they would rather do without it after some years. This poses nearly an impossible task because traditional tattoos last forever. Unlike traditional tattoos, permanent eyeliners are a form of cosmetic tattoos that are do not last forever. They can only stay for as long as a few years, after which they begin to fade. This means that every person still has a choice as to whether to continue to have permanent eyeliner procedures or not.

Eyeliner permanent

Another factor contributing to the never-fading attribute of inks used for traditional tattoos is that the tattoo pigment contains carbon. It is the general nature of carbon never to fade. Sometimes, cosmetic technicians use carbon in permanent eyeliners to give the lashes a jet black look. However, this is extremely risky since the carbon can seep under the skin, giving your lashes a permanently smudged look.

When considering options, it is worthy of note to state the difference in the techniques that each procedure involves. For one, traditional tattoos involve a more invasive procedure where ink pigments are inserted deeper into the skin’s dermis. On the other hand, permanent eyeliners only involve infusing ink into the topmost layer of the skin in a bid to darken the lashes.

Generally, the needles used for permanent eyeliners are smaller and thinner, considering the skin’s tenderness around the eyes and the delicate nature of the procedure. This also means the needles are disposable, but most traditional tattoo instruments are strong and re-usable. The only requirement is sterilization.

It is also important to state how most traditional tattooists do not apply anesthesia during the procedure, unlike permanent eyeliner procedures. This can be extremely painful.

Eyeliner permanent
Eyeliner permanent

What Can You Expect After the Procedure?

Naturally, after the permanent eyeliner procedure, a person should find the gaps along your lash line fuller and darker. In addition to this, the skin around the eyes is really delicate; therefore, it is natural to experience a slight puffiness immediately or shortly after the procedure. This is because the eye area has been manipulated with PhiContour pigments to give the perfect result. However, within three days, the swelling should subside.

Sometimes, a client may also experience some itching or burning, especially the spots where PhiContour pigments have been injected. This is perfectly normal and common, given the slight invasion of the skin. However, if these symptoms persist for more than three days, it is important to consult the doctor for the possibility of an allergic reaction to dye or infection.

Side Effects and Risks

Side effects range from burning sensations, itching, puffiness, bleeding or scratches after the permanent eyeliner procedure. However, these are to be expected since the skin around the eyes is really tender, and a somewhat invasive technique has been involved in getting the Eyeliner on. It should be noted that where these symptoms persist for more than a few days, a visit to the dermatologist for examination is very necessary, as a person may be reacting to dye elements, have an allergy, or even an infection.
Before the procedure, it is usually required to remove all lash extensions and/or contact lenses not to get contaminated. Inflammation is also a risk that a permanent eyeliner may expose a person to, leading to the loss of the lashes. This often happens when a tattoo artist who is not a professional performs the procedure. It can also occur where he or she uses unhygienic cosmetic practices such as re-using a tool for ink injection, which makes the client susceptible to much worse conditions that may be life-threatening. So the advice is for clients not to compromise standard because they are trying to save some money. It would do a lot of good to ask previous clients about the professional level of the aesthetician.

Eyeliner permanent

How to Choose the Best Artist

When it comes to skin pigmentation, as is necessary with permanent eyeliners, no one ever wants to go wrong with them. This is because one wrong step can have a far-reaching effect, marring a person’s looks or requiring more invasive procedures to correct. But the question is how to choose the artist whose stock in trade is expertise.

Usually, it is a great idea to take time to scout for a professional aesthetician. One of the easiest ways to get this done is through referrals. Asking around from our friends, colleagues and relatives who know about permanent eyeliners gives a lot of security to go on with the procedure.

One way to know a professional is if he or she has a good grasp of PhiContour eyeliner. PhiContour, on its part, is a skill that gives symmetry to the eyelids. To do this, the client’s skin must not be damaged or in a regenerative state. Reviews and website information may give clues as to what procedure the artist uses.

It is also good for an intending client to be well-armed with information as to what the procedure involves. This would help in asking the right questions and gauging the correctness of what a cosmetic artist presents during the consultation. So you see, too much information never did anyone any harm.

The utmost mark of a professional artist is where he or she uses hygienic, sterile and disposable tools, in line with standard practice, as well as his or her years of experience.

Eyeliner permanent

How Long does the Eyeliner Last?

Permanent eyeliners are not as ‘permanent’ as we would have loved them to be. This is because they are only made to last for as long as possible but would fade eventually. The lifespan of a permanent eyeliner could range from one year to three years. It is amazing how the procedure, which takes only an hour or two, can last as long as three years.  However, where a client desires to have a longer-lasting Eyeliner application, there would have to be appointments for touch-ups between one to two years of the initial procedure.

Eyeliner permanent

Sometimes, the result of a fading eyeliner may be the reason for the skin type. So, even where two people have their permanent eyeliners done by the same professional, a person’s cosmetic tattoo may last longer than the other person. Really, it may be entirely due to the different kinds of skin each client has.

Other predisposing factors to fading of the Eyeliner include the thickness of the line, the type of pigment used, the amount of pigment used, and the rate at which metabolism takes place in the body. In addition to this, the application of creams, exfoliating lotions, exposure to the sun, creams used to enhance the skin tone and hue, and so on are all capable of fading out the Eyeliner faster than imagined.

Eyeliner PhiContour

Eyeliner phicontour is a special procedure designed to correct defects occurring naturally in the eyelid area while also making proportional drawings on the skin for the desired result. Clients who wish to take the eyeliner phicontour procedure are advised to steer clear of alcohol and try as much as possible to treat facial issues such as eczema, acne, pimples, and dermatitis with creams that eliminate such.

The procedure is a simple one, which ensures that the Eyeliner’s colour matches the eyelashes’ shade. For persons desiring treatment but below the age of 18, they will be required to be present with their parents.

Another issue which many people would love to know is if it is painful and how painful is the eyeliner phicontour treatment. It must be noted that light anesthetic creams are used to numb the pain while the ink is delicately injected into the lash line. However, for persons who are more sensitive to pain (such as women on their periods or frightened persons), they may experience more pain. On the whole, these anesthetics will make clients as comfortable as possible.