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The primary online training for Phi Contour online course starts with efficient procedures as we move forward to define what Phi Contour is and break down specific things to learn.
The first step in treating the lips is to draw the outlines with a pencil, which will serve as a guide when carrying out the treatment, and this is also the time to correct any imperfections on the natural lips. For the eyeliner, a line is drawn from the eye’s outer corner inwards, which is an orientation for the treatment.

The eyeliner and lips contour treatment is carried out using the machine to treat PMU – Simplicity Master or Simplicity Artist, which inserts the pigment into the skin. These devices gently brush the skin to avoid injury. The pigment is deposited in the skin to achieve the desired effect by stretching the skin correctly without any pressure, making short and quick movements in the right direction. Corrections can be made on the skin parts that do not absorb enough colour by repeating the same short and quick gestures.

Diva Brows Phishading
Eyeliner permanent

For the eyelid care, cleanse the line many times for the first two days, using lightly soaked cotton pads, without exerting too much pressure. If the client feels that the skin is too tight, they should apply a thin skincare balm layer. Caring for gradient should be avoided after treatment because the effects may wear off. The eyeliner line can cause swelling the day after treatment. In this case, use the cream prescribed by the doctor.
Phi Contour procedure involves inserting pigment into the basal layer of the epidermis, and since every client’s skin is different, there might be a need for a touch-up. Clients’ skin differs in various aspects like texture, oiliness and thickness, which determines the healing process and skin pigmentation. The result you get at the end may differ in clients, but perfect results are assured.

The first touch-up is recommended within four to six weeks and up to twelve weeks after initial treatment and is usually included in the first session’s price. You might need to add another touch for some clients depending on the clients’ skin pigmentation.

If you are interested in improving your knowledge about one of the best permanent makeup techniques, here is an opportunity to learn from the best.

What is PhiContour?

The Phi Contour is the semi-permanent makeup technique that involves artistic colouring of the lips within the contour whose shape is developed from the face’s morphology. The lips’ symmetry has to be determined and treated using sterile and hygienic tools.

The contour online training offers several techniques needed to change the natural defects and also to highlight the contours. During the contour online training, you will be taught everything you need to understand to become a certified phicontour artist under the phi academy. The primary goal of every permanent makeup technique is always to make corrections in colour and shape without massive makeup effort, and that’s what phicontour is about.

The client’s skin shouldn’t be in the regeneration phase (it shouldn’t be damaged) prior to the treatment. Suppose there are conditions like acne, pimples or damage in the lips area seven days before treatment. In that case, the client can use a specific cream to eliminate the problems (they need to follow an expert’s instructions to carry this out). This kind of cream can be gotten from phi shops around the world.
Whether it’s permanent makeup, which involves implanting pigments through the tiny needles of a dermograph, or semi-permanent makeup, the effect will not be permanent. Depending on the technique, it will last from 8 weeks to 2 or even four years.
The process of permanent makeup for lips can be painful, but it doesn’t present a risk as long as it’s carried out under regulatory hygiene conditions. Well, the sterile disposable needle is your best friend always, and natural pigments that present no risk of allergies are generally used. The only risk is the job not pleasing the client, and it’s difficult to erase except through an expensive laser session.

Course Overview

The entire course overview for the Phi Contour training dealt with the treatment procedure, which involves drawing out outlines with a pencil, which depicts and serves as a guide for carrying out the treatment and correcting any imperfection on the natural lips.

It hints about the machine being used and the delicate process required to avoid injuring the skin.

It also covers the general overview of what a Phi Contour is, giving its definition of a semi-permanent pigmentation, which lasts two weeks in some cases and generally between two to four years.

The aftercare after the Phi Contour treatment is also taken care of. Clients should adhere to the advice of their Artist or doctor after the treatment procedure. A hygiene lifestyle is also essential to make one less prone to infection. It covers things you shouldn’t do before and after treatment.

Craft master online support Details

Online Training Course for Learning Phicontour base

We will be concentrating on Phi Contour based online training here, particularly on the lips.

Learning online is the new trend, with many learning tools now available to improve the learning experience. Permanent makeup skills, like phiContour, are not left out. It is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to be busy with other works to learn and improve their permanent makeup skills. You have no excuse because it can be done from the comfort of your home.

All you need to do register online and join the wagon of students ready to be trained and certified by the best phi instructors and craft masters from all over the continent. The most exciting part is that everyone is welcome to enroll in this online course.

As long you are ready to learn the rudiments, dedicated and determined to learn one of the highly demanding services in the world, you are good to go.

The phicontour base online course stands to teach you the steps involved in treating the lips, drawing accurate outlines with a pencil, guidelines for carrying out the treatment, pre and aftercare treatment and many more.

You will also learn that the treatment of lips contour is carried out using the machine to treat PMU, which does the insertion for skin pigmentation. These devices gently brush the skin to avoid injury.

In the phi contour based online training, students will be introduced into the community and enlightened on the basics of permanent makeup. The course usually takes about six months, in which you have to pass all levels.

What are PhiContour Kits and How It’s Being Delivered?

Every skill requires some set of tools for proper handling and improved work rate. PhiContour has a particular set of tools recommended to handle eyebrow Microblading. This is what you will use during PhiContour training. After registering for the online eyebrow Microblading training, you will need some recommended tools to carry on with the course.

PhiContour Artist Road Map

In order to reach your destination, you have to pass through some roads. You could also pass the wrong route without the right road map. Those familiar with hiking and expeditions will understand the meaning of road maps better. As regards PhiContour training, the primary goal is to become a certified PhiContour artist, start a career in eyebrow permanent makeup and improve one’s income yearly. However, before you achieve these stated goals, you need to pass through some steps; the road map.

After enrolling for the PhiContour online course, you are taken through some training: theory and practical sessions. This is followed by online support and monitoring for six months, passing through about 11 levels of training. After you have successfully completed every training level, you will be certificated as a PhiContour artist alongside other incredible benefits.

As a PhiContour artist, you are licensed to train other individuals like you under the Phi brand. It is also an opportunity to expand your business using a reputable institution as a reference. Phi will also recommend individuals in need of eyebrow Microblading services in your area to your brand.

As a PhiContour artist, you have the opportunity to take up other courses or improve in rank to become a royal artist, master assistant, craft master, and grandmaster.

PhiContour Training FAQ

Can a pregnant woman undergo Phi Contour Treatment?
No, there is a probability of contracting an infection. The pigments used could contain chemicals that could enter the mother’s blood and find its way to the placenta, which could be fatal. The same also goes for a breastfeeding mom since there’s the possibility of the pigments getting into the breast milk.

Can a sick person undergo Phi Contour Treatment?
No, because of the possibility of an infection. So sick persons are not advised to engage in any form of Phi Contour Treatment.

Can minor undergo Phi Contour Treatment?
Yes, but only with consent from their parents/guardians.

Is the process painful?
Yes, but it varies from individuals. There are products that are used to ease pains.

Does Phi Contour last forever?
No. It might last for two weeks, four to eight years.

What is the duration of a Phi Contour Training?
It could last up to six months.

Are there situations where one cannot engage in a Phi Contour treatment?
Yes, a sick person can’t undergo a Phi Contour treatment. Additionally, a hygienic lifestyle is advised for whoever engages in Phi Contour treatment.

Why Phicontour Training in Divabrows?

We are a reputable subset of PhiContour in the business of providing assistance through training to individuals looking to begin a career in eyebrow Microblading. Our workshops are designed and scheduled to help rising entrepreneurs in the permanent makeup niche to learn the best techniques with their highly professional and experienced instructors, unique tools and premium course outline.
We support our students with many perks, including highly accessible PhiShop, where you can purchase the best tools, PhiContour pigments and many important materials necessary for Microblading after the course. We do not only teach our students about the rudiments of Microblading alone; we also enlighten them on social media marketing, including how to advertise their makeup services using social media and its tools.
We are a reliable brand established to groom entrepreneurs and cook them up with the necessary Microblading skills.

Finance Your Training

To get what you want you have to do the needful.” That’s my favourite quote because to achieve any goal in life; you have to pass through the right part- Grooming. Microblading is one of the popular and top-paying skills in the world right now. For each eyebrow Microblading appointment, it costs between $800 and $1,500 depending on the location and permanent makeup artist. Learning from the best is only an investment that will pay off in the long run.

One of the many reasons why PhiContour is an excellent learning institute for eyebrow permanent makeup is because they allow the option of paying in parts. They are a considerate brand whose sole goal is to assist young and determined entrepreneurs to grow in their permanent makeup career. PhiContour online training is an excellent choice for people who already have jobs but still want to learn to improve their career and earnings in general.

They understand that financing the training may be a little overwhelming to some sets of people; that’s why several measures have been laid down to ensure that everyone has a chance to learn. If you don’t have enough money to finance your Microblading classes, you can take out a loan using PayPal Credit. It is a loan you can pay back in instalment based on an agreement. It is available for both offline and online Microblading classes. However, this loan option is only available for people ready to pay the full payment for the course.

Step one: Download Craft Master Mobile app

The registration stage isn’t complicated. It is easy and straightforward. Simply fill out the form provided with your correct details and conclude the registration. After you have successfully completed the registration, the next thing is to download an app called CRAFT MASTER, which is supported by every type of mobile device include iOS, tablet, and android.

Step one: Download Craft Master Mobile app

The registration stage isn’t complicated. It is easy and straightforward. Simply fill out the form provided with your correct details and conclude the registration. After you have successfully completed the registration, the next thing is to download an app called CRAFT MASTER, which is supported by every type of mobile device include iOS, tablet, and android.

Step Two: Activate

After you must have downloaded the app, you will need to activate it. You cannot do that yourself. Enter the email address used for registration, and we will activate your account.

Step three: Start

After activation of the craft master app, you are ready to start learning. You will also receive a premium kit using the mail address you registered. Start learning to become a PhiContour artist.

PhiContour Basic Training – Online Course

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