Eyebrow Shading & Ombre

Eyebrow Shading & Ombre

What is Ombre Shading?

Ombre shading is the latest trend in the semi-permanent makeup industry for the eyebrows. This is because it gives the softest or boldest blend, as clients may prefer, and more natural eyebrow shading. The eyebrow shading technique may be performed either alone or with a combination of Microblading. The eyebrow shading and ombre process involve a styling technique where a small machine fills the topmost epidermis of the eyebrows with figments of colour, thereby creating a natural look.

For lovers of good looks, makeup, and all that comes with it, it may pose a rather stressful routine looking into the mirror every time to shade the brows. Ombre shading comes to the rescue, gracing clients with low maintenance and long-lasting brows, especially with the gradient effect. The good news is that a blend of colour is infused into the hair follicle, using either brow tint or pencil, and it creates a softer colour transition and highlights to the eyebrows. For clients who have just a little hair on their brows, either as a natural occurrence or due to hair loss, eyebrow shading and ombre are good choices because it adds more density to the brows.

Typically, to make the brows look bolder, a little more shading is applied at the eyebrow arch. This shading technique allows for clients to be involved with the process. And so, beginning with the shaping of the brows, clients have a choice as to the shade, style and shape of the brows.

What’s more? Eyebrow shading and ombre work well on any skin type, giving your entire face frame a wonderful outlook.

Benefits of Ombre Brows

Ombre brows offer clients very appealing benefits. One of the perks of choosing to have ombre brows done is that it is long-lasting. They can last as long as two years or even more. Well, the goal is to have fuller brows for as long as possible. Ombre brows are less invasive; once the client is able to undergo figment insertion, ombre powder brows’ aftercare is extremely simple, and can easily be done alongside the maintenance of a good skincare routine, such as cleaning the brows regularly with a cotton pad instead of a full wash, avoiding exposure of the eyebrows to the sun, and so on. To make the ombre brows last even longer, touch-ups are recommended every 6 months for clients with oily skin, and every year for clients with regular/dry skin.

What makes it Different from Microblading?

A combination of ombre and Microblading can produce a very excellent result if done by a skilled technician. For one, it produces the most aesthetic blend of density and texture. These days, a lot more people are combining both techniques for a fuller looking brows, but one may ask which one to go for when it comes to ombre brows vs eyebrow Microblading.

Microblading involves the insertion of single filaments that have the appearance of real natural hair. This is what is known as hair strokes. So anyone who sees a client who just had a Microblading procedure done may think they are natural brows, which is different from a pencilled brow look. While both procedures require the use of handheld tools, for Microblading, the tool has very fine needles fixed on to it to fill the colour into the skin layer, while the tool for ombre brows may either be digital or handheld.

Undergoing Microblading treatment alone may give you very light brows. However, it may not be what you desire if you are in search of a fuller looking brow set. This is where ombre plays a role filling the gaps and fine-tuning the brows to suit the client just right.

It is also important to note that while Microblading may not be compatible with many skin types, especially oily skin, ombre brows definitely work with all skin types. When it comes to the length of the procedure, it usually takes a lesser time for the ombre brows procedure, while a combined technique of ombre brows and Microblading would take more time to complete. As a result, clients come out looking good with a fresh set of semi-permanent eyebrows, which also increases your confidence and saves the stress of shaping or drawing your brows every day.

Powder Brows: How it Works

Powder brows offer a natural way to enhance the eyebrows. It is one of the most popular and trending beauty options of semi-permanent brows. They provide a soft pencilled look, which gives the brows superb definition. Powder brows are quite different from traditional tattooing because they are less invasive and only involve the filling of the topmost epidermis of the brow skin with tiny dots of figments, resulting in a fine and powdery result. The beginning of the powder brows look is lighter in the shade, and then it gets darker in transition as it moves up the arch and down the side. In essence, it gives the face a gradient makeup appearance.

Since powder brows have proven to be really beneficial, it seems to be the most sought after procedure, especially for lovers of beauty who do not want to feel heavily glammed up but wish to have a blend of soft pencilled strokes along their brows.

The good thing is that natural brows do not have to be shaven for the treatment. The aesthetician will do the required mapping of the brows and fill into it just right. Usually, pigments used to fill up the brow area are oxide-based, which fade with time. This is why they are not totally permanent, although they can last anywhere between 2 to 5 years.

Eyeliner permanent

How to Prepare for the Treatment

Prior to an eyebrow shading procedure, some things must be done in preparation for the treatment. These include brow waxing, peeling of scabs, alcohol or caffeine. It will do a lot of good to also leave the face clean and devoid of chemicals. Preparing the face for the treatment means good maintenance and a clean facial routine at least a week or two before the appointment.

Once you book an appointment for ombre powder eyebrows, the first step towards treatment would be for the professional team to examine the client’s brows, taking note of the contours, skin type and distribution of hair. Thereafter, the professional can proceed to applying numbing cream and getting the client ready for shading and filling in the pigments. Ombre powder eyebrows are definitely worth the entire process.

Eyebrow Shading & Ombre Aftercare

Maintaining a healthy skincare routine after an eyebrow shading procedure is necessary to make the shading and ombre last longer and prevent it from fading away. Naturally, the treatment would require time for you to heal, and the aftercare can take as long as two weeks to heal, depending on the client’s skin type and other factors. There are a lot of tips to help out with the post-treatment care.

  • If you have scabs, resist the urge to touch them. Instead, allow them to peel off naturally.
  • Wash your hands before touching your brows.
  • Avoid rubbing your brows since the skin around that area is still tender. Apart from this, there is a need to prevent contamination of the pigmented area.
  • Avoid exposure to the intensity of the sun.
  • Avoid facials or exfoliating products.
  • Avoid applying heavy makeup, especially around the brow area, for at least two weeks.
  • Choose to wipe your brow area instead of washing them extensively.
  • By extension, avoid hot showers and frequent swimming.

Following the treatment, about four days, you may begin to apply small amounts of ointments on your brows at the intervals of morning, afternoon and night. However, you must be careful to stick to one ointment rather than a variety. Also, in the first week after your treatment, you need to avoid sweating. Hence, by extension, every form of exercise must be avoided between 10 and 14 days.

When you are sure that your brows are healed, care still has to be taken by using facial treatment that are subtle and compatible with your skin.

Who is a Good Candidate for Ombre Shading?

The beautiful addition that comes with ombre shading is that it works well with all skin types, unlike Microblading. Therefore, it is good for dry skinned as well as oily skinned people. However, for people who have underlying health conditions such as diabetes, herpes, viral infections, high blood pressure, skin irritations, bleeding disorders, pregnancy or surgery, it is highly advised not to do the procedure. For that reason, people like that may need to check with their doctors before booking an appointment for ombre shading.

Does it Hurt? Are there risks?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to ombre shading. Usually, since it has to do with piercing the skin, clients could get uncomfortable, especially when she has the treatment done during their menstrual cycle when the body is most sensitive and tender. However, a good aesthetician will apply numbing cream to soothe the treatment site and make the client really comfortable during the entire process.

It is an added advantage to go for ombre shading since it is compatible with both oily skin and any other skin type. The only restrictions that this particular treatment poses are the risk to people living with underlying medical conditions and pregnancies. Hence, we advise not to do it at all, or rather get the doctor’s full approval, if it is a must. Allergies may also occur during the healing process, or people may experience scabs, itching, irritations or infections if they do not choose a professional to do the treatment for them. A professional aesthetician would usually sterilize equipment to prevent these risks. In the case of allergies to the tool blades and needles, it recommended that client gets a patch test two weeks prior to their appointment.

Ombre Brows Cost

On average, ombre brows cost between {$500 and $1000}. Touch-ups are not as expensive as the entire procedure since they only help to refresh your looks and extend the lifespan of your ombre brows. However, this is dependent on your environment, skin type, and the level of your professional aesthetician’s expertise.