Lip Liner

Lip Liner

What is Permanent Lip Liner?

Permanent Lip Liner is a fantastic solution to unsymmetrical lip shape and dry lips. It is a simple form of tattooing which can make your lips more attractive at all times without the colour coming off when you kiss, drink or eat. Think of it as a long term facial makeover, where you don’t have to wake up every morning to redo your lips or any makeup. Your lips are already in great shape for a space of three to five years!

Permanent Lip Liner is a wonderful facial treatment that comes with a lot of perks. It is a great option for busy women and entrepreneurs who do not have all the time in the world for long hour makeovers. It is simple and straightforward, giving you the kind of lips you always dreamt of having- fuller, smoother, more symmetrical, and sexually appealing.

Permanent Lip Liner takes care of your facial beauty 100%. With your lips in good shape at all times, you don’t need to carry around lipsticks and mirrors while having a very busy. You get to look professional and elegant throughout your whole day. It is a form of a tattoo, so it is possible to feel some pain while going through the process.

Permanent Lip Liner can last for about five years, depending on the colour depth and pigment concentration applied. So you may need a little touch-up or reshape to regain its original beauty after five years. It is a wonderful way to improve the appearance of your lips and face in general.

Although it is a great way to keep your lips sexy and attractive at all times, not everyone is eligible to undergo this amazing treatment. Permanent Lip Liner is not ideal for a minor or individuals battling with underlying medical conditions including epilepsy, cancer, autoimmune disease, infections and so on.

Instead of staying of spending the rest of your day applying lipstick after eating or drinking, this is a perfect alternative for you.

Lip Blush Cost

Is it possible to enhance the shape and colour of your lips to look more attractive, luscious, and sexy while still maintain the natural look? Yes, it is possible with lipliner, a semi-permanent makeup technique that you won’t have to worry about the appearance of your lips for about three years or more.

It is quite different from permanent cosmetic tattoos and must be handled by a licensed aesthetician and cosmetic tattoo expert like PHICONTOUR. The service usually costs between {$500-1500} per appointment, considering everything you will be using for the before and after treatment. Your location can also contribute to the cost of lip liner services.

What to Expect from Your Appointment?

Permanent Lip Liner is a semi-permanent lip treatment done based on pure artistic skills using a tiny needle. A semi-permanent lip liner before and after treatment involves using the facial morphology to calculate the best shape that will suit each lip perfectly. During your appointment, you will be required to tick some boxes to ensure that you are eligible for the treatment.

Anyone suffering from skin medical conditions including acne, eczema, dermatitis, pimples and so on, will not be allowed to undergo treatment. This is to ensure that nothing hinders the regeneration process during and after the treatment.

Here are a few factors you must consider before and after the treatment:

  • You can apply our PHITOPIC cream seven before to remove any skin problem that may affect the treatment.
  • Avoid some type of foods such as fish oil, niacin or any food that will make your blood thin.
  • Avoid taking aspirin before the treatment process.
  • Your lips may appear swollen after the treatment. Use ice to reduce the swelling.
  • Stay away from the sun for some time.
  • Avoid kissing for a week.

What Are Permanent Lip Liner Results Like?

Everyone’s skin reacts differently in different situations when introduced to a stimulus. Some skins are more sensitive than others. Some people feel pain during the process, while some don’t. Every permanent makeup artist uses lip liner before and after treatment to reduce the pain and enhance the healing process.
Let’s talk about the lipliner process before talking about the results:
Since it is a form of tattooing, a numbing cream is applied to the area to avoid pain. Once this cream is applied, the area becomes numb, reducing the pain during the process to a minimum. It is possible you don’t feel any pain, but in most cases, you will feel a little pain when the process begins.

Every permanent lip liner has its own unique technique in bringing out a desirable lip shape and colour. The results always determine the level of expertise, experience and skill set. That’s why the result usually varies among artists. The most desirable result is that your lips come out appearing fuller, more symmetrical, well-shaped, and more pigmented.
We can give you the best lip treatment with our unique techniques, which has been working for us for years—painless and less time consuming, giving you the lips of your dreams.

Lip Contour

If your lips aren’t in good shape, you cannot take Instagram-worthy pictures. Why is that? The first part of the body people notice is the lips. As a matter of fact, it contributes a lot to your appearance. The most credible solution is lip contouring. It eliminates the option of using sophisticated machines to draw tattoos and replaces it with a more palatable technique that gives a fantastic result for a long time.

Lip contour is a method that makes the lips look more attractive, fuller, and sexier. It is not too different lip fillers. The only difference is that it works without a painful needle application. You can use any colour of your choice to beautify your lips, balance uneven lips, change the lip colour to your best, and achieve an amazing set of lips worth kissing.

If you are looking to correct the shape of your lips, improve your dry lips or change the colour while still retaining the natural appearance, here is the best place for you. Lip contour was made available as an alternative to lip filler because it is not everyone that can go through the pain. The pigment is used in the process to design and improve your look to achieve a full pout as desired.

How Do I Find an Awesome Permanent Makeup Artist?

You need an awesome permanent makeup artist to do a great job on your lips. You won’t find that by making decisions based on what you see on social media. Since it is a service that requires using needles on your skin, it is important to find an expert.

As there are professional makeup artists, we also have amateurs who pose as professionals. Ensure you ask relevant questions to verify the professional identity of the artist. Questions related to their license, reviews, and experience should be asked.

PHICONTOUR is reputable semi-permanent lip liner services with enough expertise, experience and reviews to give the perfect lip shape and colour that will suit your face.