Hollywood Facial

Hollywood Facial

What is Hollywood facial?

Hollywood Facial is a refurnishing treatment that improves pores and pigment appearances. It involves using Lasers to clean the skin and eliminating toxic substances causing damage to the skin. Lasers are essential equipment when it comes to Hollywood Facial because they help to heat the black carbon mask applied first to perforate the skin.

Hollywood Facial comes with many benefits, including rejuvenating skin, alleviating hyperpigmentation, smoothening spots and balancing every even skin tone. Many steps are involved in achieving a rejuvenated skin.

Here is a summary of how it works:

  • Clean the skin and start the treatment.
  • The next thing is to apply carbon reel on the skin. Carbon reel serves as a lotion preparing the face for treatment. It works hand in hand with laser heating. The carbon reel serves as a potent covering which helps to clear the skin from all impurities.
  • The primary step which I have mentioned earlier is laser heating, which perforates the skin.
  • The last step is used to correct any malfunction in the body that may have formed due to the laser action with the help of a gel and the intense pulse light.

Hollywood Facial’s main aim is to ensure clear and smooth skin, which is the result of the three steps stated above. Asides the clear skin, the Hollywood Facial has other benefits: ensuring glowing skin, revitalizing wrinkles, and many more. If not done correctly, can result in many skin conditions such as:

  • Irritation of the skin may occur.
  • Scars and dryness of the skin may occur as well.
  • The eyes can also be affected, causing redness.

Hollywood Facial has brought out the glow in most of our women celebrities today, and if improved on and used more often, would improve skin appearance and bring out the beauty in us.

How much does Hollywood Facial cost?

Following the saying, “nothing good comes cheap,” Hollywood facial can be seen as a financial commitment or sacrifice to achieve and maintain a beautiful face. As there are many facial specialists out there in Toronto, it is important to understand the possibility of coming across quacks and inexperienced ones. Don’t be too quick to jump on any cheap offer because it can cost you good skin.

Ensure to ask for important questions that will ascertain the institution’s credibility and evidence that they can do a great job on your face. Many people use cheaper cost to lure customers into their organization. Pick quality over price!

The cost of Hollywood laser peel before and after facial treatment depends on your location in Canada. Typically, you may need to pay about $X to get an appointment. Opt for a professional consultation before deciding whether to do it or not. Do you have a big event coming up, and you want to clear out every single defect on your face? It takes just 45 minutes to look gorgeous and ready in time for the red carpet. Visit Philaser facial treatment for an appointment and enjoy great skin all year round.

The Process: How is the Hollywood facial performed?

Hollywood facial is easier than it sounds. It doesn’t take much time. The treatment takes up to about 45 minutes. It shouldn’t take much time to look good, right? Before getting an appointment, it is important to be educated on how the whole process is performed so you can know the right questions to ask. Here is how Hollywood facial is performed:

  • SKIN PREPARATION: The skin prepared for the procedure to be performed by undergoing a cleansing session and thorough evaluation of the skin. It will require an expert to understand what to examine. You will be required to lay down on a bed to keep you relaxed. A cotton pad is placed on your eye for protection against light rays.
  • INTRODUCTION OF THE LASER: A laser equipment is introduced to eliminate all the rubbish on the skin. It kick-starts the rejuvenation of the skin and helps stimulate collagen and important pigmentation.
  • CARBON PEEL: A carbon peel is then applied to the skin. It helps in quick detoxification of the skin, clearing dirt from the skin surface. The carbon peel acts as a scrub, ridding the skin of dirt and unwanted toxins.
  • IPL TREATMENT: This treatment involves applying a gel alongside Intense Pulse Light. It is an excellent treatment for removing thread veins and acne. It also acts as an antibacterial agent.

Hollywood Before and After Treatment

Do you ever wonder how many celebrities look clean and spotless even in their old age? Many people believe it is because they are rich and famous, while others believe it is their expensive skincare products that made it possible. However, Hollywood facial is the secret of remaining young facially even while ageing. It possesses anti-ageing agents, which enhances skin pigmentation, repairs/replaces worn-out or dead skin cells and smoothens the skin.

Irrespective of which institution you are doing your facials, you must ensure that they follow the correct procedure. If they don’t follow the right procedure, it may result in something dangerous to your skin. You must undergo a Hollywood facial laser before and after treatment.

Before the treatment begins, a little skin is done to understand the condition of the skin. This will point them in the right direction to work. There is no particular after treatment. You can resume your daily activities immediately after undergoing Hollywood facials.

It is an excellent skin (face) treatment that can help improve your skin tone, feel, smoothness, clear out pores and maintain a beautiful, elegant and classy style. Hollywood facial is a wonderful new generation skin solution to maintain a pleasing look.


What are the Benefits of having a facial?

One of the most recent ways to treat your skin, especially your face, is by undergoing Hollywood facials. It is the secret of how many people remain spotless, fresh, elegant and beautiful. Well, you know it now! You don’t need to subject yourself to much stress before getting a smooth and fresh face.

As we all know, the face tells you everything about a person. Your appearance is decided by mere looking at your face; that’s why many people go an extra length to treat their faces. Well, you don’t have to go too far because Hollywood facial is an excellent facial treatment that will improve your appearance 100%.

Here are Hollywood laser feel benefits:

  • It balances the skin tone. If you notice discoloration in different parts of your skin, undergoing this kind of facial treatment can help balance everything, making it even.
  • It secretes collagen. Collagen is a protein that provides the skin and body in general with nutritional and health benefits. Hollywood facial can help stimulate enough collagen.
  • It eliminates pores and makes the skin smooth.
  • If you suffer from any skin damage, including sunburn, acne and so on, Hollywood facials can help get rid of it.
  • It is harmless.