BoldBrows Workshop

By PhiAcademy Master
Maryam Ehtesabi

2-Day Microblading Training

It is no news that Microblading is one of the skills in high-demand in the world. Since everyone wants or loves to look good and attractive every time: while going to work, attending a show or event, or going out on a date, that’s why it is still among the highest paid jobs with the demands increasing daily.

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that involves using specialized tools to reshape, recolor, redefine and remodel the eyebrows to look more attractive and classy. Eyebrow permanent makeup can also be used to achieve a particular look. However, if not because it is a skill that requires a high level of professionalism and certification, many individuals will have started offering the services.

It is a delicate service that involves making a series of incisions on the face to achieve the best shape and colour. If you are interested in starting a career in permanent makeup, I will recommend eyebrow permanent makeup. This is because it opens the door to receive other forms of permanent makeup include scalp micropigmentation, lip liner, eyeliner, and lash lifting.

Here is an opportunity to learn from one of the most reputable permanent makeup institutes in Toronto and join the wagon of certified Microbladers bagging in high income per year. BoldBrows basic training is an excellent chance for individuals:

  • looking to improve their makeup career
  • looking to start a new career in the permanent makeup niche.
  • looking to add more services to their salon business.

The BoldBrows training workshop is a two-day Microblading program brought to you by Phi Academy. It is an intense training channelled at grooming applicants ready to become pros in Microblading using a well-detailed course outline, specialized tools and techniques. It is where you will learn everything you need to know about eyebrow Microblading from scratch.

Microblading is a manual skill that requires adequate mastery, including hours of practice. So, the two-day BoldBrows basic training is set up to introduce the students to the technique to help get familiar with what they will learn.

What is BoldBrows?

BoldBrows is an international learning source brought to you by Phi Academy, an institute that specializes in grooming individuals in permanent makeup. BoldBrows is a brand under Phi Academy which organizes premium courses in eyebrow Microblading and other related courses. If you are looking for a reliable institute to further your makeup career, try BoldBrows. They are reputable in delivering the best learning experience, course outline and curriculum.

Many Microbladers certified by BoldBrows are enjoying the benefits to date. This is because everything about them is unique from their tools, working techniques and handling. With many expert artists and makeup specialists on the ground in almost every continent in the world, BoldBrows will do anything to ensure that you get the best education in Microblading. And now, learning under BoldBrows has been made easier.

Workshop to be BoldBrows artist

BoldBrows is a unique eyebrow Microblading technique designed, practiced and peculiar to certified phi artists. It involves using some calculations and measuring tools to form the perfect shape and colour the client desires. BoldBrows training workshop was established to provide an avenue for people to learning Microblading from the best in the business- Phi. Everyone must strive to improve in life- their career and income and learning an additional skill as a makeup artist under BoldBrows is a big step up.

BoldBrows basic training is available in almost every continent. It is a global community dedicated to improving people’s lives, imparting knowledge in eyebrow permanent makeup. By attending this workshop, you are entitled to a certificate of attendance as a BoldBrows student in the process of transiting into a professional.

After the two-day workshop in the location near you, the training continues online using the CRAFT MASTER APP designed by BoldBrows to keep up with their students. The CRAFT MASTER app contains 11 levels that must be passed to qualify for certification. The app is how your instructors will contact you, making it easier to move around without affecting the training. The average duration to become a certified BoldBrows artist is about four months.

Training Includes


Craft Master Online Support

6 months for the premium kit and 4 months for Standard kit

BoldBrows Kit

Boldbrows Premium kit OR Standard kit

4 Courses

4 Additional Courses

Phi Skin expert, First class service, Hygiene course, GMC course

What Will You Learn?

BoldBrows live workshop is a program dedicated to assisting aspiring entrepreneurs in Microblading. Do you know that there are many crucial aspects every microblader must understand? Failure to understand these aspects may endanger the lives of patients. You don’t want that because it can result in a serious decline in your makeup career.

At the BoldBrows live training workshop, you will be exposed to the vital information you need to know about Microblading, including the use of specialized tools and techniques. Here is a breakdown of what you will learn from the two days.

Boldbrows Workshop vancouver
  • Basic information about Microblading. Microblading will be introduced to the students to get them familiarized with the subject matter. You cannot learn something you know nothing about. It becomes easier when you learn the meaning of Microblading, what it entails and its usefulness in people’s lives.
  • Maintain healthy hygiene. Microblading is a delicate permanent makeup that involves using a specialized handheld needle on the skin. It will result in a series of incisions, thus wound on the face. Maintain healthy hygiene will get rid of germs that may cause infections by affecting the wounded areas.
  • Skin types. It is important to learn about the different types of skin humans have. This is because you will be working on many clients with different skin types. Learning to recognize a particular skin type will help determine the type of technique suitable for their skin.
  • Pigment Retention. There is no Microblading without the deposition of BoldBrows pigments. The pigment is responsible for the effect of the makeup. At the training, you will learn everything about pigments.
  • Mixing colours. You have to learn how to mix different colours as a makeup artist. You will be enlightened on how to mix different colours, the importance and the best techniques.
  • Microblading before and after treatment. The before and after treatment are very important because it can make or mar the treatment outcome. Every microblader must understand Pre-Microblading and aftercare treatment, which you will be taught in training.
  • Drawing shapes. Microblading entails learning how to draw accurate lines and shapes, which you learn in this 2-day workshop.
  • Tool Placement. There is a specialized tool required to perform Microblading. You have to learn the right ways the place this particular tool to improve efficiency.

Why Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Training at DivaBrows?

We are a reputable subset of BoldBrows in the business of providing assistance through training to individuals looking to begin a career in eyebrow Microblading. Our workshops are designed and scheduled to help rising entrepreneurs in the permanent makeup niche to learn the best techniques with their highly professional and experienced instructors, unique tools and premium course outline.

We support our students with many perks, including highly accessible PhiShop, where you can purchase the best tools, BoldBrows pigments and many important materials necessary for Microblading after the course. We do not only teach our students about the rudiments of Microblading alone; we also enlighten them on social media marketing, including how to advertise their makeup services using social media and its tools.

We are a reliable brand established to groom entrepreneurs and cook them up with the necessary Microblading skills.

Online Training Vs Workshop

To become something in life, you need to go through the due process of learning. Never blame a microblader who isn’t good enough; blame the tutor. This is because learning from a professional and experienced person in a niche goes a long way in transforming the student to become better due to the high standard. To become a BoldBrows artist, there are two options for you, which include online training and live workshop.

The BoldBrows training workshop is a learning avenue for aspiring makeup artists in Microblading. It is a live program that involves the master artist lecturing, instructing and teaching students about Microblading using a well-detailed course outline, techniques, theory and practical. It also gives students the opportunity to work directly on the skin simulators under the direct and physical supervision of grandmasters using firsthand tools and products.

The live training usually elapses for about 2-3 days. However, this is dependent on the master in charge of the course. Immediately after the live training, every student is entitled to collect a certificate of attendance and a go-ahead to pursue the certification course. The certification course is the main training where students have to pass through about 11 stages to become certified.

boldbrows Workshop vs online training

Workshop Schedule for Day 1 and Day 2

The 2-days Microblading course will be a face-to-face meeting, as said earlier, in which everything is well-packaged and organized the same way across every BoldBrows training center. You won’t want to miss this physical meeting because it is an avenue to meet new people with like minds. You also get to discuss with your mentors and fellow aspirants. It is going to be an exciting 2-days, and here is the workshop schedule for the two days:

Day 1

10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. BoldBrows Introduction

12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Lunch

1:30 p.m. – 5 p.m. BoldBrows Training on the Latex

Day 2

10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Providing Certificates and Taking Pictures

11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. BoldBrows Workshop > Morning Models

1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Lunch

2:30 p.m. – 5 p.m. BoldBrows Workshop > Afternoon Models

Above times are subject to slight changes at the trainers sole desecration and usually due to students punctual behaviour.

BoldBrows Artist Levels

Becoming a BoldBrows artist after your final certification exam isn’t the last stage. As a matter of fact, the least you can be in Phi Community of permanent makeup artists is becoming a BoldBrows Artist alone. Although it takes experience and months/years of hard work to attain other stages, however, you will get there. Let’s quickly talk about the different levels of BoldBrows Artists.

The levels are divided into five, which includes:


 This is the first level. All you need to do is take the 2-days Microblading live course, receive the certificate of attendance, and pass all levels in the craft master app successfully. This is, however, the premier and easiest level.

bold brows Artist


 This is the second level, which follows the ‘artists’ To become a royal artist, you must have practiced as a BoldBrows artist for about six months. The artist who meets this requirement must send in 5 of her work to royalworks@BoldBrows.com. The five samples will be sent to craft masters to decide on whether she qualifies.

bold brows Royal Artist


This is the third level after becoming a royal artist. The master assistant is the one who works to assist the craft master in imparting knowledge during training.

bold brows Master Assistant


The craft master is those artists who teach students and support them through the program from the beginning to the end.

bold brows Craft master


A craft master will become a grandmaster if he has taken about 100 certified students in a year.

bold brows Grand master

BoldBrows Artist Certificate

After receiving the certificate of attendance, BoldBrows sees you as a student ready to take up new challenges to become a certified BoldBrows artist. You are now qualified to finish the course by pursuing the certification course, which is done using the CRAFT MASTER app. It is mobile-friendly, so anyone can use it. A candidate is qualified for the BoldBrows artist certificate after he must have understood:

A candidate is qualified for the BoldBrows artist certificate after he must have understood:

  • How to draw on a skin simulation
  • How to draw symmetry on a live model
  • How to draw hair on a live model

Every student must pass the 12 stages on the application in the space of 4-6 months. The stages include:

STAGE 1- Shaping on Paper

STAGE 2 TO STAGE 8- Hair Stroke

STAGE 9- Shaping on Live Model

STAGE 10 TO STAGE 11- Microblading on a Live Model


After the 11th level in the craft master app, the next and last stage is the examination. Here, you will be tested on what you have learnt so far. BoldBrows believes that there are certain terms and processes that every professional must understand. Note that if you didn’t follow from the beginning of the training, it might be a little challenging to pass the last stage. Ensure each level is taken seriously, leaving no stone unturned. 

You will receive a certificate of excellence after you have successfully completed all the levels/stages in the craft master app, thereby crowning you as a certified BoldBrows artist.

Upcoming BoldBrows Workshops